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11-01-2007, 08:03 AM
If youíre reading this review, you obviously didnít make it here by mistake. You probably made it here asking yourself one question-does the Venusian Arts have some validity in their training.

Let me wax poetic for just a moment-a vast majority of our opinions come from other peopleís opinions up to and including the ones we have about ourselves. This is part of the sociological concept of the definition of the situation: What people believe to be real is real in its consequences. For instance, if someone calls you a loser long enough, you will eventually start to display losing qualities through your actions. If the opposite gender snubs you long enough, you may eventually begin to feel as though something is wrong with you in particular and not necessarily just with the way you handle the situations when they arise.

You reach the edge and have to decide-do I leap or do I stare into the darkness for the remainder of my years and wonder what it would have been like if I had just taken that last crucial step? It would be a falsehood to say it was easy, but all things worth doing in this world seldom are. As my instructor Brock put it, ďIf we didnít push you past your limits, it would be called Venusian Arts Vacation and not Venusian Arts Bootcamp.Ē

Think Iíll keep all the wild and crazy stories about what happened during my bootcamp experience to myself. Besides, a girlís gotta have some secrets. Letís just say that I would have regretted not taking the time out of my life to make myself into a better person. Not just in my social interactions with the opposite sex, but throughout the broad spectrum of my life. The guys in my class were accepting (and maybe just a little overprotective, lol). My instructors, approach coaches, and pivots were all wonderful people who mastered something I was sadly lacking in-social interaction. I canít thank Matador, Brock, Elansin, Groove, Swift, and Jen enough for what they did for me personally. Stephen, you asked me to get in touch with my inner female, so this ending is for you-You are all my knights in shining armor.

BTW, Iím having a little bit of difficulty locating a certain type of button without a pic or the mfg info located on it (quite possibly underneath of the button along the rim) (hopefully). If I canít find the button, my resources were kind enough to give me some alternate courses of action that I would be happy to pass along at the Superconference.

Those things are only good which are honest.

11-01-2007, 10:09 AM
You rock you! GET OUT AND HAVE FUN!!! I will continue to push (and pull) you until you do!

Also, I didn't get your contact info...PM me...

11-07-2007, 09:39 PM
Hey, Stay in touch

Your review was great. I think you perspective was excellent.