View Full Version : New PUA Emergency, Immediate Help Required

10-29-2007, 03:13 PM
Okay a little background info is necessary for you to fully understand my circumstances.

My babies momma left me for another man, so I decided I would start dating his sister for revenge.
Before I made this desision I had already tried to hook her up with some friends of mine.

So I'm figuring that between the DHV that comes from her knowing that her brother was being two-timed with me and me trying to hook her up with my friends (IOD) she should be pretty hooked.

I've also made the comment about her being too much of a whore for my type, to which she begin trying to quilify herself to me.

Problem is that she continuously tells my friends (and me when I ask her out for my friends) that she isn't interested in sex or a relationship.
I tried questioning her reasoning behind not sleeping with/dating anyone but she tells me that there is no reason and places more emphasis on not being interested in ANYONE.

The question is now that I've gotten some IOI out of her how do I push past her hesitation to dating?

10-29-2007, 03:51 PM

My babies momma left me for another man, so I decided I would start dating his sister for revenge.


Check your head.

You should *ONLY* be pursuing this girl if you are actually interested in her. Full Stop.

This is NOT what game is about, unless you are an asshole.

Besides, living well is the best revenge :D

10-29-2007, 03:52 PM
3 different ways I can think of and you choose which one best fits

1) Act disinterested in a relationship as she is. This will cause her wall to come down.

2) Continue to play reverse psychology on her. This seemed to work well for you and probably the route I would go for. Keep negging her about it and have her qualify herself about the decision she has made.

3) If she appears to have been hurt in the past and has that wall up then you need to build strong comfort then seduce her.

The previous comments I agree with. Do you really want to see this other guy if you date his sister? She might also have this wall because of your relationship to her brother. You said dating and not a ONS is the reason I even gave you suggestions.