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12-01-2012, 03:44 PM
So me and my buddy go out on a thursday night to a moderately busy bar. I have been studying pick up for a short time now and my wing has no experience at all with it. I see a two set that I want to approach and before I do that I wanted to let my buddy know how I was going to go about it. I told him that he should let me talk to them for about 5 minutes and then just walk up to us. So the two set is probably an HB7 and 8 they are sitting at a table with an extra chair on the opposite side of them.

I walk as if I am going to walk by them and then turn over my shoulder and say Hey my buddy and I were just arguing, is it okay to break up over an email or text message? they blab for about 10 seconds and then I say cool well check this out I can only stay for a second because my friend and I are getting out of here (while simultaneously moving around to the other side of the table to pull a chair up) but check this out. I then go into a story where me and my friend (different than my wing) went down to south carolina for a party he met this girl they got engaged got a dog and blah blah blah eventually she cheated on him and broke up with him in an email when he moved back to Connecticut.

The two girls start talking I cut them off saying their just like the view. They then comment on how they are always watching that show and they should be on it. My target is the HB 8 so I tell the HB7 yeah you could be on tv. I then turn to the HB 8 and say Idk about you, while placing my hand on her shoulder. They both laugh and the HB 8 hits me playfully. So I am getting IOI's from both of them.

I feel that so far its going well. I then moved into the best friends test and it worked exactly like it is suppose to. After that the HB 8 starts bragging almost unhibitidly about herself she starts telling me how she is on T.V and she does voiceover. Luckily my wing comes in at this time because this girl is just blabbering on.

I get up and make a big deal about his arrival and remark that I am still trying to figure out if these women are cool. He sits down and starts talking exclusively to the HB7 and I to the HB8. I tell her that she is very visual and she is like OMG I am an artist you are so good and she puts her hand on my leg. I tell her ok since your visual were going to play the lying game. During the lying game she remarks that she was in a mental insitution. I then stand up tap my wing and scream alright were leaving this girl is literally crazy. Both women laugh histerically and the HB 8 grabs my hand pulls me back and while smiling say it was only for a month.

It looks like my wing is doing well. He is engaging his HB7 in conversation keeping her occupied.

So since she is visual and an artist we start talking about colors and what they mean and what certain colors mean to me and here. (I Assume this is comfort builidng?) She said something and I think I gave her a weird look so she said. Youre judging me and I said yes at first I wasnt sure about you but now that I see you have much more going for you besides your look I am interested while grabbing her hand and she is squeezing back. Immediately after this she says ok I have to go to the bathroom. says something to her friend says we will be right back blows me a kiss and we never see her again.

Any advice or anything guys? Maybe I should have isolated her.

12-01-2012, 05:23 PM
Isolation is KEY during the comfort stages. A1-3 seems solid, but you might try qualifying a little more next time. Great job tho!!

12-04-2012, 09:00 AM
Good marks almost across the board, with the exception being that weird "color" talk that you weren't sure about. That color shit is boring for anybody, I'd rather hear about my nuts being hit by a rubber hammer.

I think you could've went straight in for the kiss during the lying game, the question works even better this way given that there's no wrong answer to "Would you like to kiss me?" when you're lying because you can twist it whichever way, and since you're going with some canned bullshit anyway, might as well throw that in there too.

One last thing, when a girl feels judged, it tends to kill attraction for some weird reason. There's a fine line between perception and judgement. Isolation wouldn't have fixed the problem here. When she said "you're judging me", you don't admit to it, it makes you look like a prick, and a shallow one at that. You followed it up with the fact that she won you over, and she ejected. Challenge eliminated.

EDIT: basically she liked you but knew you were cheese. fuck canned material bro.