View Full Version : Girl Tries New Routine on Me!

The Magic Man
07-15-2007, 04:17 AM
So my night starts out bad as I'm supposed to go out with 2 strippers in hollywood but they flake on me at the last second and I can't get in without them. They tell me on the phone to say i'm with andy milonakis, because he's gonna be there tonight. Right... i don't think so

So we end up going to another club that was all Asian night. My opener to the white girls was "white people". Lol, it was classic. Then in the middle of the night my brother pukes because he's trying the new "vegetable oil diet" which apparently is the wave of the future. You drink a teaspoon of vegetable oil before every meal, and it kills your appetite. Supposedly it was big with cavemen or some crap like that. You can see it how it turned out... but made for a great opener in the process.

Asian girls are awesome - really fun, super high energy, extremely approachable. The only problem I discovered is they have party girl ADD worse than anyone else, especially in a dance club. And they cling to each other a lot, so isolation is tough.

But eventually I talked to this 21 year old girl who's a psych major in college, so I started doing all sorts of routines on her. You'd think as a psych major she'd see right thru them, but not the case - she was even more interested. So right after I do C's vs. U's she follows with a routine for me. She asks who's older between me and my brother (no one can tell), I tell her to guess and she says "well, your face is longer and narrower, and his is rounder, so you must be the older one." She was right, and then we did the routine with my 2 other guy friends (who both have younger brothers) and sure enough it worked with them. The test can be done on guys or girls.

I'm thinking it's best to work in with the best friend/sisters test in something of the following manner:

Girl 1: "We're sisters."
You: "I could tell. You know why?"
Girls: "Why?"
You: "Your mannerisms are the same. You want to do the best friends test to prove it?"
Both Girls: "Yeah!"
[Do the best friend test, then go into the new routine]
You: "And I can also tell that you're the older one, and not just because you look older."
Girl 2: "How could you tell?"
You: "[point to Girl 2] Your face is narrower. Older siblings typically have longer, narrower faces, while younger siblings have shorter, rounder faces. [point to other Girl 1] And your face is shorter and rounder. So you're the younger one."
Girls: "Oh my god that's so cool."

At this point everyone else in the group will start it testing out, guys included. Whether it works or not, this will give you mad social proof. I field tested it with another set later in the night, and it worked with one of the girls and on the other girl it worked with one of her 2 siblings. And then 2 other people in the group (a couple that was previously ignoring us) got interested and tested it out themselves. I forget if it worked or not, but more imporantly EVERYONE in the group was super intrigued, and it gave me social proof.

Let's call it the SIBLINGS ROUTINE. Obviously you can only do it on sisters, but they're out together more than you'd imagine. Plus, girls shit test guys all the time about being sisters, and you can use then you disprove that their sisters. You could just ask them who's older, then do the siblings routine (or alter it and do the reverse [rounder face=older]) to prove that they're NOT siblings.

I'm going to field test more tonight and report back.