View Full Version : Alright, need some help with the comfort phase, specific situation too

10-25-2008, 08:49 AM
So looking back at prior relationships I noticed that my biggest area I have trouble with is the comfort phase. Which is basically getting the girl comfortable enough to give you her number/go with you somewhere when you first meet her or even a second or third time. This is very crucial when meeting girls randomly without a mutual friend.

So first comes attraction, then comfort right? Well right now there's this girl that I find interested a little but I want to grow that attraction and make her comfortable with me. Thing is there's a high chance she's not even attracted because when I saw her she was working. She was trying to talk to me, asked me questions, asked what I was up to that night, blah blah blah... Now thing is, I was in a rush and i've caught her eyeing me before so I was just like watever see her next time.

Now I want it so that the next time I see her I can number close for sure and make her comfortable to agree to do something with me. Now i'm trying not to **** this up, lol but I'm not worrying about it, so let me know what I should know and i'll do it.

Don't worry about ****ing it up for me, haha cause nothing's happened to **** up yet.

So, with all that thoughts?


- HB8 eyeing me, know where she works
- want to pop in there get a convo going and get a number
- see where it goes from there...


10-27-2008, 04:33 AM
just bumping this... if there are links for me to read up on some of this stuff i'm willing to do that too.

L.A. Tripp
10-27-2008, 09:59 PM
ahem . . . "I'm trying not to f.ck this up, but I'm not worrying about it" . . . first of all, be congruent with yourself, which means be honest with yourself. You contradict yourself right there man.

It sounds like you haven't really talked to her and barely even know who she is because of that, yet you are saying you're past attraction and need to work on comfort? No no no.

You need to actually talk to her man. Build attraction AND comfort. Let her become interested in you, then the number close will be a done deal. You won't have to worry "will she give me her number?" All you'll have to do is tell her you want to continue the convo later and hand her your phone, or just hand her your phone and give a confident smile.

You do say that she asked what you were doing that night, so that's an IOI, but you need to build on that. If you talked to her more than I get the impression you have, she may already be willing to give you her number, so you need to tell her to put it in your phone.