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10-17-2008, 11:05 AM
Me and five of my friends (one wingman and four AFC's) went to a club, we got there quite early and there wasn't much potential even though the place was quite busy. two of my AFC friends were asking me what to say to girls and how do I get over the fear of rejection etc, there was an 8.5 at the bar and they begged me to go and talk to her. I looked over at the girl at the bar and realised it was Michelle the girl I'd been talking to at the pub we were just at. So suddenly I felt very cocky cos I was about to give these guys an awesome demonstration of my ability with no risk of getting shot down because I'd already built some attraction with this girl.

I walked over and said.

Cusack - Hey Michelle

HER - I'm not Michelle

HOLY HELL!!! I froze for half a second... 5 of my friends are about to watch me make a complete ass of myself

C - are you sure?
H - Yeah I know who I am
C - Did you steal her identity? and her dress? cos honestly you look just like her
H - No I've never heard of her
C - Oh well to be honest she's not very interesting anyway... What's your name?
H - Samantha
C - well Sam sorry to bother you and sorry I got you confused with that boring girl
H - haha that's ok

I turned to walk away...

H - what's your name?
C - I'm ***
H - Well *** I accept your apology
C - How long have you been waiting to get served?
H - ages
C - See i think that's because your trying to hard to get the bar staffs attention, you should ignore them and they'llfeel left out and want to serve you?
H - haha really?
C - yeah, here I'll help you, talk to me for a while

She laughed we talked, danced, i number closed, meeting her on saturday

10-18-2008, 03:36 PM
Well done on turning it around, especially liked the "ignore the bar staff" transition so you could talk to her more.
If I'm being picky, I would give you one sliver of advice - the "she's a boring girl anyway" is slightly DLVing, as it shows you hang out with people who aren't interesting. You could have instead said she should be happy with the fact you mistook her for Michelle, as Michelle is a great girl etc etc....just an idea.

Keep up the good work though.

10-19-2008, 11:28 AM
great advice man thanks, if I hadn't been so suddenly panic stricken i might have thought of that :) I quite liked the tough situation though... thinking on your feet is fun.

Maybe it would make a good challenge for those PUA's who feel that they are "Shooting rabbits with a howitzer" AKA finding it too easy, purposely trip yourself up and see if you can recover :)