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08-05-2008, 04:33 PM
Cross posted from my Under 21 Convention Journal that is on my blog:

“The Woman in the White Dress”

Wednesday July 23rd, 2008.

Alright guys, it may have seemed for the past few months I have been missing in action. My posts were rare and hard to come by and I feel I have left my readers down and let my blog dissipate.

That is all about to change now and I am going to start by reporting the madness that ensued each night of the Under 21 Convention:

I arrive at the hotel around 9pm. I am extremely exhausted, “jet lagged”, and I am just about ready to pass out but I still manage to mingle and meet some of the people that are attending the convention. I run into some real cool guys and find out that they are going out tonight.

I decide to say “fuck my headache” and go out with them. I did not come to Orlando to stay in.

We take a cab to a place called “I-bar” and the first thing I notice is that in Orlando, if you are Under 21 and enter a bar or club, they mark 2 giant black X’s on your hand. Almost like a scarlet letter to minors.

Thankfully I have been doing “pick-up” since I was 16 and was no stranger to age barriers, however I knew it could become more of an issue in some of these Orlando venues.

The second thing I noticed about Orlando is that the women are gorgeous. The clubs in Worcester/Boston do not compare, so right off the bat I am getting very excited.

I open a couple sets and they all go very well, however I am just focused on getting accustomed to the setting and helping out a couple cool convention attendees with their sets.

The place was not too packed so it was not long until I had talked to and built a friendly relationship with most of the women in there.

After about an hour I started to feel the pressure of students watching me and wanting to see me pull off some “tight game.”

Although I was way too beat to worry about the nightmare that I call “Logistics” I figured I would show off some flashy in club game for them to tell their friends. : )

I see a guy who is in an arm wrestling contest with a girl in a booth. (Maybe he was using my old “Who would win in a fight routine”) Outside of the booth is this girls friend and she is extremely attractive and is just one of those girls that stands out. She was the only person in the club with a white dress and she quickly became known as “The woman in the white dress” to everyone in the club.

As her friend and some guy are arm wrestling in a booth, I came up to the girl in the white dress, put my hand on the small of her back and said “You and I are up next”

She laughed and said that she will pass.

I lock in against the side of the booth and start talking with her. I tease her about her being jacked and being able to beat me. I grab her biceps and make comparisons to her arms being like Brooke Hogan’s. (She was thin so she knew I was kidding)

Once I get her laughing I break rapport and become focused on the arm wrestling match that is still going on behind me. I start cheering for the guy as he pretends to almost let the girl win.

Like I do with most girls, once I break rapport I can come back in and escalate touch further than it was before.

I start doing my whole “I can’t hear what you are saying” act and pull her over to a booth near by.

We sit across from each other in the booth and I immediately start crossing my legs with hers under the table. She is complying and I know I can get a make out. After starting a small conversation I once again act like I cannot hear what she is saying and motion for her to come over to my side of the booth.

As she complies with my requests and moves to my side, I extend my arm around her body and pull her in close to me as she takes a seat.

I start running my comfort game while building huge sexual tension under the table with my touch.

The combination between emotional rapport talk, while escalating sexually really gets girls ready to go.

She leans in to make out with me and I pull away.

I can tell she hits that nervousness and she is thinking “Shit, did I move in to early”

I make eye contact with her then pull her in close to me and go for a heavy make out. At the same time I move my hand (which is resting on the top of her hip) right under her dress and start massaging the sides of her thigh and I can feel the outside of her panty line.

This works just like how I do my kino escalation. (Break rapport, then come back in and escalate further than before) Except I did it on a more sexual level. Light fingering outside of her panties ensue.

While we are hooking up she is asking me things like “What hotel are you staying at?”
”How far is it?” but just when things are about to happen……ER.

Her friend grabs her from the booth and starts yelling at me.

“She has a boyfriend blah blah blah, what the hell do you think you are doing, blah blah blah I’m a bitch”

The mood is completely killed and her friend is literally yanking her from the booth.

Some kid from the convention walks in and tries to “distract the girl” but it ends up making her even madder (She reminded me of Susie from Curb Your Enthusiasm, calling me things like “You spiky haired fuck”) and she storms out of the club with the “woman in the white dress”.

Welcome to Orlando : )

At the time I figured “Oh well” but who would of thought crazy shit like this becomes a re-occurring pattern for the weekend. The convention had not even started and I had my first “ER” of the night.

(For more on ERs see Sinn’s post: http://sinnsofattraction.blogspot.com/2008/07/emergency-reports-er.html )

He mentions an ER with me, Psych and the Asian orgy that slipped through our fingers. Jump to Thursday, July 25rd, 2008 to read about that…

Anyway, ER aside, there were two other irrelevant make-outs this night but I don’t count them as “good game.” They pretty much manifested because for some reason, all the (community) guys at the club were saying they were gay. (DON’T DO THIS)

Girls were opening me with “Are you straight?”

I would say yes.

They were like “GOOD!” and yank me on the dance floor and we would end up hooking up.

P.S. To all the convention guys that were out that night that have been asking me. No, I did not end up hooking up with that hot Goth chick. (She like…raped me on the dance floor) But I did consider going for a pull cause lets face it…I’m fucked up.

However, her 20 something spiked lip piercing reminded me of a bear trap and frankly she was way more sexually dominant than I would ever be. I could just tell that if I took her back to the hotel I would be limping for the duration of the convention! Besides, judging from her mouth I can only imagine that her vagina resembles something from the movie “SAW”

All in all, fun night. But no pull. Fuckin ERs!