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07-11-2008, 02:42 PM
I don't think this counts as a field report but I thought I'd chronicle how I got on anyway.

The wedding went quite well to be honest and I had a good time. I was invited to both the ceremony and the reception so I went to both. I was flying solo and felt a tiny bit out of place, but not so much. Logistics meant I arrived at the church early so I was waiting in the car and seen the bride's brother and his wife pull in shortly after me. Occasionally I would let these situations pass me by but I got out and talked to him and his mrs and made an effort to talk to other people who were around me, whether I knew them or not. By talk, sometimes it might just have been a short "nice day, blah blah blah" or something that lasted a bit longer, but I didn't care so much.

Got to the reception and started talking to a few of the lads that I knew. Brunette girl that I mentioned before was there with her two friends. Everyone was outside for a photo and she ended up standing near me and she initiated the chat so we chatted away for a few minutes then got seperated when we went back into the hotel. Had some more drinks and chat with the lads and it was time for dinner and I was seated at a table with brunette, her two friends, and 5 older people (50+). I chatted away to most of them, or at least the ones that were within earshot and didn't require me lurching over the table in order to talk to them. One of them was the photographer and his wife and we had a good chat about travelling, and lots of different things.

Later in the night I was at the bar waiting to get served the brunette came up to the bar beside me again. I can't remember which of us initiated the chat but we spoke for a few minutes before a female friend of mine showed up and started chatting to me. I hadn't seen her in ages so we chatted and brunette left with her drink.

I moved tables at one point and got chatting to the girlfriend of one of the lads. She turned out to be quite friendly and we were getting on well. When we met intially I think we were both a bit standoffish. But once I sat down and started talking to her, we got on really well. She was easy on the eye too and it's just good to chat and at least I will know her if I see her again.

Later on I was at the bar again - just drinking water this time lads Smile and chatting to one of the groom's brothers. At this point the brunette and her friends showed up again and the brunette came over and stood quite close to me (I was sitting on a high stool at the bar). She started chatting again and her friends left but unfortunately by this stage she was absolutely plastered. She ended up sitting down beside me and we chatted for about 30-40 minutes but because she was so drunk, she kept asking me the same stuff over and over. At one point she spilt a glass of wine on my trousers and as I was wiping it off she started to rub my leg where the wine has split. She did this a few more times as well.

We kept chatting and on about 3 different occasions she said if I fancy going out for a drink in Dublin to let her know. While for a split second I thought this was an IOI, I had to immediately dismiss it because of how drunk she was. Normally this would have been an ideal time to get her number but she was so drunk, I felt like if I said or did anything at all, that it would have been taking advantage. Plus while she might have gave me her number, I didn't think it would have been a solid number close.

We chatted a bit more and she stood up and asked about dancing at which point she held my hand, intertwined fingers and squeezed it.

At this point her friends showed up and I was somewhat glad because I'd quickly gone from wanting to chat to her, to trying to make sure nothing happened to her. She made me promise I'd go back and talk to them afterwards as I had to nip out, and I did so briefly.

At this point it was getting quite late and I chatted to a few more people and I decided to hit the sack at the extremely early hour of 1am. By this point, things had died down and while the music was still going, the crowd had dwindled so I figured nothing more interesting was going to happen.

Got up this morning with a thundering headache, but otherwise no other hangover symptoms. I barely drank all day to be honest. I got to the hotel about 4pm and between then and 1am I think I had a total of about 5 or 6 drinks.

All in all it was a decent night. Wouldn't have minded number closing the brunette but under the circumstances, it wasn't a good idea. I've met her a few times before and rumour has it/had it, that when we met originally she quite liked me. I've only met her twice since then which includes last night, and each time nothing has happened.

She is really good friends with the bride and I'm friends with the bride too so I'm half tempted to get the brunette's number from her. The bride was kind of half trying to set us up before I think. But I don't know if it's a bit pathetic to get the number from her friend instead of from her directly. However I've no other way of contacting her.

I also wouldn't mind finding out if she is actually on for going out for a drink or if it was just the booze talking, but I don't think going through a middle-man is the best way to find out. Would be better to suss it out directly, but again I can't do that without her number and I don't know when I'm likely to bump into her again. I don't have any way of emailing her or anything either.

It's a bit frustrating, had she not been so drunk things might have progressed better. But because she was so hammered, I really felt like I'd be taking advantage of her if I did anything more than just hold her hand.

All in all, a good night. I tried a little to hide my loner tendencies, occasionally at these things I don't mind if I'm on my own for a while to just sit and sip my drink. But to others I think it often looks bad. However I was lucky in that anytime that happened last night, it was usually only a matter of a few minutes before someone pulled me over to talk to them.

Anyway, if you's have any pearls of wisdom regarding the brunette, sure let me know. The only thing is that if I do try to get her number from her friend, I don't want to leave it too long.

I'm off to another wedding in a few weeks and I will literally only know the bride and groom so that will be interesting.