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Argo navis
06-28-2008, 12:55 PM
...What Wolf said about helping someone build their self esteem up works when applied properly, that is ok.

But some subjects will just not *make* it - some people are not part of the game, and don't want to be, don't want to be helped, they just crave for suffering,
or simply, for something less.


If you wind up in a situation with an LSE girl, you are exposing yourself to the following paradigm : feeling not worthy of a relationship with someone of higher value, she will destroy it.

If you drag the situation for too long and don't manage to get net improvements, be very wary of the consequences, some people have no control of themselves and may wreck havoc.

That is why, after trying to reinvent the wheel, I am giving up on this area altogether. I fully understand refusing to waste's one time bonding with people who do not consider themselves worthy of it, and as Wolf told me -
myself, having been in a business partnership of this kind, I have helped someone not worthy, thus felt bad about it and lost some of myself in it.

Not much, thank God, it's all recoverable - so head over to David Shade's papers about screening for high self esteem, filter thoroughly, and lower your standards in no case at all, you'll feel better for it.

This applies to business also : a company with healthy core values performs better than a dishonest company, anytime. And this is an area where I'll drastically perform the same kind of filtering from now on : first mistake, last warning.

06-29-2008, 04:59 AM
Yeah. As I said in the other thread in response to your question, the person has to WANT to be helped, they have to ALLOW you to help them. If they are not willing to do this, then you are simply banging your head against a brick wall. You have to pick your battles. A worthy person will change themselves using the help you give them, and will be grateful for the process... an unworthy person will drag you through the mud for even trying, and can make your life a living hell. Pick your battles wisely.

When helping the right person, you will feel empowered and truly yourself. When helping the wrong person, you will feel like you are battling yourself. Keep this in mind.

Argo navis
06-29-2008, 08:28 AM
When helping the right person, you will feel empowered and truly yourself. When helping the wrong person, you will feel like you are battling yourself. Keep this in mind.

This is quite crucial. As soon as I said stop to my parternship, *that* one yeah :) I felt *in place* again. This process is actually very finely described
by Johnny Soporno, and he is dead on. Time and life have value. Wasting them is *bad karma*.

06-29-2008, 09:49 PM
Bad Karma is not good. figured I would point out the obvious. I think time and life shouldn't be wasted as well. though you never know thye say that you learn something new everyday. wasting time and life is bad karma so there you go that's todays lessoned learned. hehe. No but seriously I believe that many people waste valuable time and energy into other things in life that they can not get value back from. negativity is huge right now. here in the states the media likes to tell us americans about all of the bad things in life that are happening to americans in Iraq/Afganistan and other countries we aren't suppose to be in for any true reason.

thats bad karma. I perfer good karma myself. but then again I am a positive person.

Argo navis
06-29-2008, 10:12 PM
Karma, honey, means "intention" originally (before becoming a broader concept in hindouism and many religions/philosophy). The idea here, which I have seen at work, and everybody else can see (but that becomes more obvious as you understand inner game more deeply), is that :

"every positive intention casts positive feedback."

It's like you hit a switch, and many other things fall into place, all of a sudden, for a positive reward.

That happens when you focus your karma (intention) on appropriate targets. Because then, you feel good about being good. And being in line with your own intention, you get the payback, and your self appreciation rises.

If on the other hand you focus the same energy on a non-deserving target, somebody who tipycally doesn't want help, or a destructive intent, then you get negative payback. The switches flip the other way round - and damage your self appreciation in the process.

It's a good way to build up self esteem : being good to others in good and appropriate measure. And bonding with low self esteem people who don't want help, as a waste of good intention, impacts self esteem negatively as well. (and of course I'll get round to your application as my personal assistant, pack some blades in your luggage... and send in some pictures :))

(women, always trying to use me for my body)