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06-27-2008, 04:17 PM
It usually takes me a while to get into the mood to start chattin' it up w/ the ladies. Even at the CCOC strategy meeting I was a bit off. I was goofin' off as usual but something was still off.

Tonight we all decide on DTF is where we're gonna end up.

Heads for the night.

my wing for the evening, Showcase.

Once we're down there and we all meet up after parking, we break up into a few groups, just to even it up. I was still a bit out of state for some odd reason. After we enter the bar, Dre Ferret, Basic and I sit down at the bar and chop it up for a bit.

Nothing too crazy, just boys havin' fun doin' our thing. After we realize we're being weirdos for just standing around we walk out to the smoking area and then I get a text form Showcase letting me know he's there. I find him and he comes over greets everyone and opens sets right away.

I turn around after watching him open a set and I see Dre in the middle of one. I crack a few jokes to Ferret and Basic about us just standin' around.

From looking at the bar we decide that its not jumpin' yet and bounce across the street to hit a few more spot. As we leave we go through the bar next door and pretty much walk straight through it. We open a set outside that was sitting down smoking but we end up taking off.

We end up across the street and Showcase and I end up at ______ Taco. Place had some good music goin'. Showcase could see I was in my head and so we started bustin' out on the dance floor. It was pretty warm in that area and so we headed towards the back of the spot. Showcase opens a 2 set as I stand around doin' nothing, but he brings me into the set. The one chick in a black dress was mad friendly.

Her friend was a bit distracted w/ some other dude but would chime in from time to time.

Later Showcase told me that she was showing IOI's but it didn't matter, she was a chunkster and we needed a few starter sets. Not too long after the chunkster, again, Showcase opened another set and brought me in. LOL. I'm tellin' ya this night started off mad slow for me.

He had her hooked and she was diggin' on him, but I wasn't doin' such a great job on winging tonight. I'd just lose it after a bit of banter and just couldn't keep the convo going.

Now we're on our way to another spot and I see Basic sitting on a bench by himself so I yell to see what's up and across the street Grandma, Status66 and Jackett are all in set. So Showcase and I are passing by and start high-fiving all the gyrls everybody's talking to and start to banter w/ the one Jackett was in set with.

We take off and Showcase pointed out that we had her hooked. Sorry bro, next time even if I'm out of it I'll pay a little more attention so we can stay in sets when they're hooked.

Onto the next bar, we notice the place isn't and bumpin' as _____ Bar, but decide to stay and talk for a bit. A HBHispanic and HBAsian are standing near Showcase, so he opens 'em. Again, LOL, introduces me and I come in trying to guess where the HBAsian got her shirt.

I ask her if she got her shirt while camping since it was a eagle over clouds and a mountain. She gives me this crazy look and asks me if she looks like a mountain woman. I bust up laughing and tell her she could be a mountain lady by day and go home purdy herself up for the evening. She takes it and chuckles.

We have her hooked, then some dude comes in and started talkin' to Showcase about his hair. Right when we focus in on that for the quickest second, the HBAsian turns her back and joins her friend in the convo she was in. DAMN.


Back to ______ Bar. I walk in and see Grandma talkin' to this little blonde haired gyrl I've talked to a few times when in DTF. She remembers my name and I almost got hers. She's being a flirt tonight which was nice, she's usually mad sarcastic as fuck.

I'm starting to get into a good mood and just start talking to anybody and everybody. I opened probably a good four sets once I was feeling good and all of them hooked but I'd move on.

I meet up w/ the boys and Grandma opens a set of triplets and Showcase and I jump into action and start talkin' to 'em. The gyrls just moved here from Illinois. Good little convo I had w/ her.

Grandma says he's taking off across the street, so I tell the gyrl she's mad chill and tell her we should chill and asked how can "we" make this happen. She gives me a funny look and says, "By taking my number." I pull my phone out and enter her digits, call her on the spot, she enters my name and I wait for Showcase to do his thing. He number closes her sister. HAHA double?

Showcase takes off I walk over to find Grandma, Status, Basic and Jackett. We end up waiting a bit for Status66 since he almost pulled but nothin' came of it.

We take off, go to Wallgreens to grab a few things, chop it up in the parking lot across the street from Grandmas and then split.

Tonight I felt a bit off for half of the night. I couldn't tell what it was, even though I knew I F'd a set up when I got a bit too animated. Jackett told me I had all my sets hooked right away but my energy was a bit much. Good lookin' out, man.

So next time I wanna work on the YOU and ME themes after I get the gyrls hooked. Since that's in the Attraction stages.

In the end I was having fun, but it took me a while.

I had fun chillin' w/ you Showcase...

See you on Saturday.