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06-25-2008, 07:35 PM
I need help determining what to do and deciding whether or not this is for real or a shit test.

Here's the situation:

A couple years back I met this girl, lets call her Sally. I just started picking up Venusian Arts, so my game wasn't up to par. I did manage to build some attraction in spite of that.

Recently, we began talking via facebook, then to text messaging, then to phone calls, and we're supposed to get together Friday. The reason for so much electronic game is the fact that she lives about 450 miles away from me when I'm at college.

Friday is going to be an all out extravaganza, limo, vip to 2 clubs, and a lot of close friends in her hometown. Shes a pre-med student, so she wakes up early and normally texts me with "you're cute" and things like that. She tells me she likes me on the phone and how its "weird" that the one guy she has a connection with is 450 miles away and what not. This morning she texted me "I'm getting sick :/." Could this be a result of our phone relationship and has anxiety to get together again in person? Or just bad luck that she really is getting sick? Also, what should I do?

I remember Mystery mentioning an old story about two people who were in every way perfect for each other and connected on every level. Then one day they parted with the hopes that if they were that perfect they would meet again. A few years passed and the two began their own lives. About 20 or so years later, they walked by each other in the same place they originally met and didn't recognize each other. And somewhere the story says that the two basically settled for the next best thing and the wife was divorced or something. Does anybody know the name of this story? I believe it may help.

06-26-2008, 02:27 AM
Hmmm the mystery story sounds fake prob just an example story to teach you to move on an that there is a next best thing for you even if u meet a perfect girl.
dude I feel your situation right now. Last Friday I was supposed to meet this chick that I havent seen in like 2 months for a first "date" or w/e but she didnt call until Friday night an said that its raining so she can't go. I didnt leave my house yet so I really didnt care and I didnt text her after that,but she initiated convo again on Monday and we still talk etc.

My advice to you is....dude dont sweat it. Ask yourself HOW CAN THIS GIRL MAKE YOU FEEL THAT NO OTHER GIRL CAN MAKE YOU FEEL? Answer is nothing most likely you just feel attached to her.you've got many other girls you can get just DONT REACT be cool. Her:I can't go I'm sick You: ok get better. DONE if she wants you she will "miraculously feel better " LOL

it could be a shit test OR not either way dont sweat it bro move on get other HBs she's missing out on you because you are the bringer of good feelings (hopefully you are) maybe you should let her know without telling her if she's sick its ok youll just chill with some of ur friends michele and Ashley (insert any girls name here) LOL but that you thought you two would have a rockin night!
Goodluck man

06-26-2008, 05:53 PM
haha. good advice. thanks a lot :)!