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Argo navis
05-29-2008, 08:49 PM
:) This is a funny one from my notepad.

We're flipping perspectives here : NLP was based on observing outstanding communicators, and the IDEAS they had in common. So, flipside : what happens when you find yourself in a situation where you've managed to gather loads of people who NEED you to be an outstanding communicator.

If you're a consultant, you mold yourself into the mindset - you emulate the mental specificities of the expert, and you become the expert. It's merely a matter of observation : coders are logical, artists are emotional, we all have something of that in us. No magic bullet here, but pretty much the same way actors enter a role, consultants must enter a function - with strict business demands as the target.

...With this in mind : what did I have to emulate to live up to the "Tony Starkish business freak" required by my customers? I explored life to find about that...

You must respond politely. People will form their demands in a non tech-savvy way, so you have to understand what they mean. You actually have to "press" them for the information before starting a project - and sigining a contract." You can never allow yourself to slap them silly because they don't use the right vocabulary.

The meaning of the communication is the response it produces, not the intended communication.

You must read carefully and ask questions carefully. You MUST be in the conversation, perceive the real response, and gauge the perceived meaning of your words. Even when the response is not really explicit (people will not say "bugger off" when talking about a contract).

Choice is better than no choice.

Lovely :) Very simple in business words : if I have ten customers and one is being a pain in the ass, I can let him know I have options. Choice is a HUGE pressure means in business context - prizability is what ultimately drives a business.

People already have all the internal resources they need to succeed.

That is a very important one. I'll leave it up to you to just transpose those three NLP principles to seduction, once I am done with the explanation but..

I work 7/7. At times, I've had days in a row with an average 3 hours of sleep. Which I am trying to avoid tonight but will eventually get to.


If I spend time moaning. Fearing. Pondering the danger and focusing on that and only that. If I spend a second in doubts and illusions of the mind. I am toast. I cannot afford thoughts like "oh but Argo are you up to the task?".

OR thoughts of how brilliantly fit for the purpose I am. I can afford "Solution A gets us from C to D rapidly".

So the context forces these beliefs - which are the basis of NLP - into the mind of the entrepreneur. And they turn to be contagious, so they drag in more customers, plus they are efficient and self fulfilling. Now, replace "customer" by chick. And enjoy :)