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05-11-2008, 10:11 PM
Saturday 5.10 at Pasadena

Me and my non-CC wings rolled up to Pasadena yesterday. I haven’t been there in 10 years, it was great to visit the place again. For a Saturday this place was pretty quiet.

First stop was Barcelona. Not that much going on, my wing commented that this is how the place normally was on a Wednesday.

Me and JF go into a 3set and wing the girl standing on the outside. The 2 hotter girls are closer to the bar, and I navigate into the one on the chair while IPUA wings the last girl. She is very smiley. I start going through my attraction stack on her. At the high points she likes it and laughs. However I never feeling that I build attraction. One big problem in this set was that she was sitting down on a stool and I was standing up. I know how to do the spin move but have never tried it. I should have tried there, though. It was the ideal scenario because her other 2 friends were standing already.

The next set is a seated 2set. I lean facing away on the table and open with my opinion opener over the shoulder. She is immediately receptive. After a couple minutes I build up the nerve to get out of my seat and sit next to her on the other side, using an FTC as I sit down. I run through my stack again. This lady (cute milf) is very receptive, partly due to my energy. At one point she even says where do you get all this energy from? (not good). During qualification I let out a future projection that I liked and wrote down to use later:

*After talking about our work and future ambitions* Ok we’re millionaires now. What do you do with your money? Where do you buy a house. What do you do with your time?

It worked nicely and she gravitated towards talking about how she would feel without me directing her. If I directed a little more this would probably work very well to elicit values.

I went for the number and got rejected however.

The place is pretty dead so we go to another bar/club type place (forgot name, think it was something like las services). I open a lone wolf and talk to her for about 10 minutes before she goes back to her friends. She says she is going to give him something and she’ll be back but I leave.

A 3set goes to the bar, I open one of the girls while the other 2 are ordering. The bar is slow so I get in another 10 minute conversation until the friends leave.

There is a girl from another 3set that is detached. I start talking to her, she is moving away alowly and eventually she gives me the “1 sec” gestures and turns away.

I open a 3set, they hook on the opener but as I transition off of it, one girl keeps going back to the opener question. Eventually she gives me the answer in a “conversation over” tone and I eject.

There is a big mixed 6set, with 2 girls slightly detached. I open them. They are both hooked. One of these chicks is a HB 8-9, very pretty. My wing JR comes in really early and says something to them. JR negs hard too early sometimes and he does this here. The girls say “OMG…. We’re leaving! and walk away”

I open another lone wolf walking by. I don’t feel like keeping her and just cut her loose after the opener. I probably should have held her longer.

We go wait outside Barcelona for JF’s coworkers to come out. There is a 2set of asian girls standing outside. I approach with direct body language (bad) The girl gives me a somewhat snide remark to my opinion opener so I eject, while the other girl rejects IPUA almost immediately by saying she doesn’t speak English. A couple minutes later we see 2 white guys talking to the girls. Both girls are nice to them and give their numbers. After watching King kong’s video on how race “doesn’t matter” this is a bit disheartening. I’m sure those white guys weren’t better gamers than us (from their body language) The reality probably falls somewhere in between: race matters, but maybe not as much as some guys think.


My approach style is changing. I’m opening moving sets now and branching girls off of sets. I will still open a 2 or 3set if the circumstances are ideal, but otherwise I hit them up less. I also avoid mixed sets now due to the female oriented nature of my opinion opener. I’ll continue to run this style and see if I like it or not.

When everything goes well it is much easier to go into normal conversation, because quite often I am isolated immediately or fairly soon. The heyyy opener didn’t allow this due to it’s “set invasion” type of nature. Going indirect is more stealthy, which is good and bad at times. In ways it is more versatile because of its moving set stopping power and ability to hook. But I can’t take over a 4set with it (I’ve only tried once so far and it went poorly, but my delivery was also fucked due to an interrupt) Also the 3sets are more difficult, though I think once I smooth out my transitional phase I can win them. 2sets and lone wolves are made for the opinion opener though. If I could craft a guy relevant opinion opener than I think small mixed sets would also work well.

Another thing is I can not approach direct, it weakens my opener. I have to do a slanted walk like mystery talks about or some other indirect BL style if the set is closer.

I can hook and go into attraction pretty well now. But I can not attract. I haven’t had that much experience but I can already see some routines serving me well and some which do nothing, maybe even take me backwards.

The Routine stack is very powerful for learning. I wish I started with it, and actually had it memorized. Would have saved me a lot of mis-spent effort.