Two Day Workshop

It is a dynamic interactive workshop. This is a completely different product than anything we have ever offered. You will learn the revolutionary Mystery Method and how it is applied infield NOT taught from a book or in-class lecture. Our revamped training program is ‘interactive’ which delivers quick results and life changing skills in less than two days. It is focused on routine stack and delivery.

Two Nights Infield, and Sunday

As great as the day session is, nothing will ever substitute for the real world.  This is when you see all of the concepts you have read about come to life!

pua infield training and workshop

Infield is basically where go out with the instructors at night. It is a different type of workshop because it happens at night and is not a rehearsal or role play… is real. You get demonstrations LIVE from your instructors, then YOU YOURSELF open sets and get feedback from instructors. This is when you see the real attitude and mannerisms come to life. It is also here where it becomes very clear what has been holding you back. The feedback you get on how you present yourself to the world is ‘critical’ and will only truly come out when you are doing it for real.

****Additionally, if you train at our main hub in LA… will get upto an additional 6 hours of training!

Los Angeles Agenda

Friday Workshop: 2pm – 6pm
Q&A: 6pm – 7pm
Friday Infield: 9pm – 2am
Saturday Workshop: 2pm – 6pm

Q&A: 6pm – 7pm
Saturday Infield: 9pm – 2am
Sunday Debrief / Next Steps: 2 – 4pm

This is a complete training that covers all phases of the Mystery Method model and getting ‘real’ attraction. This would be a life changing experience for anyone who is beginner thorough intermediate.

Materials Included

Your tuition also includes the following….

  • a full printout of the presentation
  • a special focus on character development and next steps
  • several indirect and direct routine stacks
  • various routines, gambits, and previously NOT published material

What we offer is true personal development, not ‘other people’s’ lines.  We focus on structure rather than word for word.

We will show you how to become the very best version of yourself!  The best part is this goes way beyond your interactions with women.  Our program can drastically improve your ability to network and connect with others regardless of the objective.

You get ONE chance to live your life.  The fact is, this might be the number one skill one could learn in their life. This teaches you how to connect better with people, how to have more fulfilling relationships, and a more satisfying life.

How about this question….even if you were already ‘good’ with women and humanity in general…..why would you not want to get even better?

We look forward to working with you!